How To Use Dental Air Abrasion Cabinet


1. Place the Handpiece with connecting tube into one of the hand entry slots
2. Lift and remove clear Window
3. Place item to be cleaned inside
4. Replace the clear Window
5. Place hands inside the side entry slots (gloves recommended)

a. Only to be used with approved Dental Air Abrasion Powders
b. Ensure the foam pad is sealed and sitting tight in the base of the unit (as supplied)
c. When using the product, check for any leakage of particles around the Cabinet area
d. If powder leakage is seen/detected, check sealing area and re-adjust the foam as necessary

How To Clean Dental Air Abrasion Cabinet

(we recommend cleaning the filter outside in a well ventilated area, – always use a protective facemask and gloves)
1. Lift off the clear Window
2. Gently lift out the foam filter in the base of the Cabinet (be careful not to disturb the dust contents)
3. Place the filter in a sealed plastic waste bag and shake/tap out the foam to remove dust
4. Vacuum out the Cabinet base area
5. Wash the Clear Screen in soapy water and dry thoroughly
6. Inspect the condition of the Filter Foam and replace when necessary
7. Refit the Foam into position ensuring the rear of the foam exits the Cabinet and properly seals tightly all round the base plate area

How To Replace Parts In Dental Air Abrasion Cabinet:


Foam Filter – I/FIT0063F
Side Entry Gloves – I/FIT3004F
Clear View Window – I/MDG1010F

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