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Dental Air Abrasion Powder for Cutting, Caries Removal and Cavity Preparation

The AquaCare uses AquaAbrasion™ to perform a variety of pain free minimally invasive dental treatments alongside prophylaxis as a dental prophy unit. AquaAbrasion™ eliminates the mess traditionally associated with dental air abrasion.

Use AquaAbrasion™ as part of everyday cavity preparation, composite removal and as a micro etcher or dental ‘sandblaster’.


Features of Aluminium Oxide Air Abrasion Powder


No Dust from Air Abrasion with AquaAbrasion

AquaAbrasion fluid sleeve keeps abrasive powder contained to the oral cavity.

A fluid sleeve surrounds the powder from the tip of the handpiece to the treatment area, reducing mess and targeting its effectiveness.


AquaAbrasion for Cutting and Prophy



Class I-VI cutting and preparation. Perform air abrasion on your patients, increasing your productivity with pain free and minimally invasive dentistry.


Minimally Invasive Dentistry

Aquacut Quattro Dental Air Abrasion and Air Polishing Unit - Cavity Preparation Before, During and After

Preserve healthy tooth structure during AquaAbrasion.

Air abrasion is more conservative than the drill; it only removes material as desired and suffers no chipping or stress fracturing, greatly improving patient comfort.


Pain Free Dentistry

AquaCare No Pain No Drill

Greatly reduced need for anaesthesia in every-day cavity preparation.

Treat young, nervous and dental phobic patients with pain free AquaAbrasion and avoiding unnecessary waiting time for anaesthesia to take effect.


Settle Dental Phobia


No uncomfortable contact with tooth or disturbing turbine characteristics.

AquaAbrasion produces no vibration, heat generation, turbine noise or unpleasant smell, increasing patient comfort and calming dental phobia.


AquaCare = Dental ‘Sandblaster’ + Micro Etcher

Perform abrasion and micro etching in-surgery with minimal powder.

Use chair-side for abrading crowns or preps (incl. Zirconia before cementation) by turning off fluid sleeve, avoiding the need to send to the lab for treatment.

Technical Info

Technical Info

Aluminium Oxide 29µm Specifications

Cartridge Weight: 105g / 3.7oz
Net Weight (4pk): 420g / 14.8oz
Pack Weight (4pk): 560g / 19.8oz
Suitable for: All AquaCare Machines
Certifications: CE 0120, FDA

Aluminium Oxide 53µm Specifications

Cartridge Weight: 120g / 4.2oz
Net Weight (4pk): 480g / 16.9oz
Pack Weight (4pk): 620g / 21.9oz
Suitable for: All AquaCare Machines
Certifications: CE 0120, FDA

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