Velopex Vischeck

X-Ray Quality Control System


X-Ray Quality Control for Pro-Active X-Ray Imaging Maintenance

The Velopex Vischeck X-Ray Quality Control System allows you to regularly analyse and track the x-ray image quality from your automatic film processing. This data can be recorded for quality control purposes. Vischeck can also be used to plan the maintenance and replenishment schedule of your processing method to identify and fix image quality problems early.


 “Quick and Easy to Use within Normal Daily Procedures

Take a few minutes each day to check your image quality.

Process a Vischeck Strip as you would a normal film, then use the Vischeck Reader to analyse it, giving you a graded indication of the resulting image quality and processing conditions.


 “Diagnose Image Quality Problems Early

Vischeck helps to determine the source of imaging quality problems.

Helps to identify fogging, over-temperature and over/under exposure problems and whether the problem is processor or film related.


 “Use Regularly to Ensure Pro-Active Chemistry Replenishment

Saves you time, money and frustration!

Avoid last minute chemistry replenishments at inconvenient times, such as when a patient is in the chair. Use Vischeck to plan your chemical changes for the appropriate moments.


 “Maintain Tangible Records of Image Output Quality

Records help ensure image quality and indicate when to replenish chemistry.

Avoid annoying and time-wasting retakes by ensuring processor chemistry is always performing at its best to produce the highest quality images.

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