Velopex Sprint Specifications

Model Mk6 Mk6-E
Height: 310mm/12.25″ 310mm/12.25″
Width: 330mm/13″ 330mm/13″
Dept(incl. Daylight  Loader): 430mm/17″ 430mm/17″
Weight(Empty Tanks): 4kg/8lb 13oz 4kg/8lb 13oz
Weight(Full Tanks): 6kg/13lb 4oz 6kg/13lb 4oz
Tanks Capacity(Each): 1.4L / 2.5 Imp Pints 1.4L / 2.5 Imp Pints
Chemical Operating Temp: 27˚C / 80.6˚F 12 – 27˚C / 54 – 80.6˚F (Dependant on ambient room temperature)
Chemical Warm-Up Time: approx 10mins N/A
Film Feed Speed: 470mm/18,5″ per min Variable
Max Film Width: 65mm/2,5″ 65mm/2,5″
Processing Time (Wet): approx. 2,5 mins 2.5 – 4mins
Power Supply: 110-120V, 220-240V; 50/60z 110-120V, 220-240V ; 50/60Hz
Environmental Conditions: Indoor Use Only Indoor Use Only; 12 – 27˚C / 54 – 80.6˚F
Max. Relative Humidity: 80% 80%
Complies With: IEC61010-1:1990 + A2:95
EN61010-1:1993 + A2:95
IEC61010-1:1990 + A2:95
EN61010-1:1993 + A2:95

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