Air Abrasion Cabinet


Dental Air Abrasion Cabinet


 The Dental Air Abrasion Cabinet offers a simple aid in support of your AquaCare abrasion unit to enable abrasion procedures to be done outside of the mouth. Dental attachments such as crowns, bridges or brackets can be cleaned and abraded before they are cemented in the mouth.
The cabinet is a really simple appliance, very efficient and easy to use. It has been designed to be small and mobile so that it can find a place in the smallest surgery without disturbing the arrangement of your workplace.

The Air Abrasion Cabinet is self-contained and requires no connection to a power supply – it uses a filter foam pad to catch the dust within the cabinet. The abrasive powder and debris retained in the filter can be removed as and when needed and the filter can be reused after cleaning.

Moreover, pieces like the Foam Filter, Side Entry Gloves or the Clear View Window can be replaced as needed when worn.