Apixia Barrier Envelopes – For Plate Sizes 0 / 1 / 2 / 3



Product Description

Protective Barrier Envelopes for Hygienic use of Apixia Phosphor Plates

Apixia barrier envelopes ensure the utmost hygiene when handling phosphor plates and placing them in the patient’s mouth. The phosphor plate is sealed in the envelope before being placed, exactly like traditional film. The barrier envelopes are a disposable, one-use item so that the phosphor plate is never in contact with saliva and/or the patient.

Technical Info

Technical Info.


Plate Sizes: Size 0 – 35 x 22mm
Size 1 – 40 x 24mm
Size 2 – 41 x 31mm
Size 3 – 54 x 27mm
Scan Time: 10 seconds
Plate Erasing: Automatic