Apixia Digirex


Apixia Digirex

Dental Phosphor Plate (PSP) Digital X-Ray Scanner


Phosphor Plate Digital X-Ray Scanner for Intra-Oral Imaging – Size 0-3.

The Apixia Digirex is a compact and elegant phosphor plate x-ray scanner that accommodates intra-oral digital x-ray imaging from sizes 0 to 3. Using flexible and extensively re-usable phosphor plates, patient comfort is upheld while avoiding the use of disposable film and chemistry. Supplied with fully working complimentary software, that can be used on an unlimited number of computers, and the ability to integrate with your current Practice Management Software, the Apixia Digirex quickly becomes the ultimate affordable digital x-ray imaging tool for your practice.


 “Exceptional Phosphor Plate Technology

Instant, high quality and affordable phosphor plate digital x-ray scanner.

Scan an exposed phosphor plate and see your image on screen in 10 seconds. A phosphor plate can be re-used many times, saving you time and money.


 “Best of Both Technologies

Patient comfort of film with the immediacy and environmental benefits of digital

As thin as film, phosphor (PSP) plates are easy and comfortable to manipulate into position, scan and be re-used, all without the use of disposable film or chemistry.


 “Compact and Reliable Design

Small enough to fit chair-side, reliable enough to be used by the whole dental practice.

The sleek and simple design can be placed anywhere and be used by one or all. The Apixia Digirex can be connected to a network to serve many users.


 “Complimentary Software

Delivered with free software to get up and running in a matter of minutes.

The free software includes unlimited user licences, upgradable for life, to install on as many computers as you wish, making the system accessible to your whole practice.


 “Practice Management Software Integration

An optional bridge module seamlessly integrates Apixia with your current workflow.

Link the Apixia software to your Practice Management Software to eliminate the need for double patient entries and supporting the unit’s simplicity.

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