AquaCare Handpiece Disposable iTip



Product Description

Disposable Tips for use with the AquaCare Handpiece for Air Abrasion and Air Polishing

Designed and approved for inter-proximal and diastema use.

Supplied in packs of 50, the disposable iTips attach to the tip of the AquaCare handpiece and allow water to be drawn through to encapsulate the active Air Abrasion or Air Polishing powder, reducing dust in the air and focusing the direction and effectiveness of the treatment medium.

One disposable tip is used per patient, maintaining hygiene standards and ensuring the effectiveness of the tip itself. This tip is able to reach spaces unachievable by other systems.

Technical Info

Technical Info


Pack Contents: 50 x Disposable Nozzle Tip,
50 x Disposable Feed Tube
Suitable for: All AquaCare Handpieces
Certifications: CE 0120, FDA 9051184