MD 3000



Product Description

The MD3000 has a wide range of new features that allow you to work with the maximum potential while maintaining high-quality X-rays, the uninterrupted operation of the X-ray room and freeing up time for working with patients.


Automatic drainage cycle
Eliminates the need for manual drainage of the developing machine for X-ray film. With one touch of a button, the machine will remove all chemicals from its modules.

Automatic washing cycle
You no longer need to take washing time weekly. Using the menu, the machine can be set to perform its own washing cycle.

Automatic replenishment cycle
The MD3000 machine allows you to keep the quality of X-rays longer by mixing chemicals in the modules, prolonging their effective life, reducing the need for replacement and saving money!

Technical Info

Technical Info

Dimensions: width 580 mm
depth 616 mm
height 327 mm
The weight: empty
Volume of tanks: 4 l
Volume of solutions in tanks: 1-4 L
Developer temperature: 25-40 ° С
Fixing temperature: 25-40 ° С
Heating time: 15 minutes
Food: 110, 220-240 V; 50 Hz
Liquid crystal display: Yes
Possibility of changing the time and temperature of manifestation: Yes
Automatic cleaning mode at the end of the day: Yes
Speed 770 mm / min
Minimum width of the developed film: 30 mm
Maximum width of the developed film: 355 mm
Development time: 2-6 min.
Power: 3000 W
Ambient temperature
Relative humidity:
5 ° C to 26 ° C 80%
Film pulling mechanism: banded
Film processing method: flowing
Format of the developed film: From 3 x 4 to 35 x 43 + fljurofenka (optional)