Rextar-X Handheld X-Ray



Product Description

Rextar-X Handheld X-Ray is the latest, upgraded and totally new design in the Rextar series.

Users can operate the Rextar-X with only one hand, and the operation software is more powerful as a result of adopting smart buttons.

With the highest technical specifications among portable X-Ray systems, the Rextar-X still leads the world.



  • Enhanced patient care
  • Lightweight, portable, affordable
  • Easier to use for sharper images
  • Safe for you and your patients
  • Save time; stay with your patient during the exposure
  • Efficient and cost saving; one Rextar-X can be shared between rooms
  • Sharper image and proven safe; designed for optimum safety and image quality

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Features of Rextar-X Handheld X-Ray


Smart Buttons

Screen Options

Rextar-X has 4 new buttons on display. These buttons are much like channel buttons on a TV remote control.

You may have typical patient types so can categorise them into 4 cases. For these 4 cases, you can save desired exposure values onto each smart button. After that, you can take an X-ray by only 3 steps, Power on > Press one of the smart buttons > Press exposure button.

Or you can change the values according to your needs. The buttons indicate patient types and types of teeth.


In Use

Designed for One Hand Operation

To take a dental X-ray, the operator is busy with both positioning the device and placing sensor or film to the patient’s teeth. Regular portable X-ray equipments should be handled by both hands due to the weight and all function buttons are spread on both the right and left sides: for this reason you need to ask an assistant or the patient to hold the film or sensor.
Rextar-X has a custom designed hand strap, power buttons and exposure button that are all placed on one side. Its compact size and light weight enables you to operate it using one hand only. You can use one hand for holding the X-ray and the other hand for positioning or controlling patient.





  • Rextar core
  • Cone 1 (40mm)
  • Cone 2 (140m)
  • Hand Strap
  • Neckpiece to be attached to the core
  • Carrying case
  • Operation and Service Manual
  • Battery charger
  • Power cord


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Technical Info

Technical Information


Input Power – X-Ray Unit: 19VDC, 3.16A
Input Power – Battery Charger: 100-240VAC, 50~60Hz, 1.7A
Output Power: 140W
Power Supply: 11.1VDC (Battery)
Battery: 11.1V
Frequency: 70kHz
Tube kV/mA: 70kV / 2mA
Max. Deviation – kV: ±4%
Max. Deviation – mA: ±10%
X-Ray Tube – Model Name: D-041
X-Ray Tube – Inherent Filtration: Min. 1.0mm Al
X-Ray Tube – Focal Spot Size: 0.4 x 0.4mm
Total Filtration: 1.5mm