Salli Saddle Seats – Two – Part Ergonomic Dental Saddle Seats

Dental saddle seat for healthy sitting posture

The Salli Split Dental Saddle Seat is a stool designed to improve and maintain a comfortable, correct and healthy sitting posture, ideal for the dental profession. The Two-Part Salli Saddle Seat improves conditions for male and female health compared to conventional seating and beyond one-part saddle seats, eliminating harmful effects of pressure in sensitive areas. With a variety of different models, colours, materials and attachments available, your Salli Saddle Seat is truly designed by you, for you. Also Salli Saddle has 10 years of warranty. Join the conversation on Twitter and #SitHappy !




Salli-Specific Benefits

Salli Saddle Seats are comfortable and accommodate a greater range of adult physique because they are flatter and less contoured than anatomically fitted, one-part saddle seats. On a Salli Saddle Seat, your feet are almost directly under your centre of mass, rather than slightly in front, so they are positioned to distribute as much of your bodyweight as possible safely onto the sitting bones, perfectly designed to support bodyweight.


Male Health

Pressure on the Body

When sitting in a conventional chair or one-part saddle, men tend to tilt their hips back to release uncomfortable pressure from the genital area. On a Two-Part Salli Saddle Seat, it is possible to tilt the hip forwards again to create the correct lower back curve, with no pressure on the genitals. Conventional sitting conditions can increase testicular temperature from the optimum 33˚C (approx. 91˚F) to 39˚C (approx. 99˚F), which can be dangerous for reproductive health. A Two-Part Salli Saddle Seat helps to reduce testicular temperature by up to 4˚C, greatly reducing the health risk. In male cyclists, violent pressure on tissues next to the pubic bone have been proven to cause impotence and testicular cancer.

The same phenomenon has begun to emerge with men using one-part saddle seats that can apply pressure to the lower parts of the penis (including the pudendal nerve, artery and vein). The Salli split-seat eliminates the pressure to these tissues by using only the sitting bones either side to support bodyweight.



Female Health

The pelvic floor muscles can be activated effectively and strengthened by sitting on a Salli Swing Saddle Seat, helping to improve existing problems. A one-part Saddle Seat or an inadequate gap in a seat can be uncomfortable as pressure on the pubic bone area can compress nerves and blood vessels, which leads to reduced circulation and can pose a health risk in itself. When sitting on a traditional chair, the bladder, ovaries, uterus, vagina, skene’s gland and rectum are in a pressure field, which can be harmful to these organs. The split in the Salli Saddle Seat prevents pressure forming inside the pelvis, eliminating this effect. In female cyclists, the saddle has been discovered to cause damage to the outer genitalia, which can lead to a decrease in sensitivity. Salli Saddle Seats avoid contact with this region in order to avoid this pressure.






Encourage Spine into Natural, Healthy Sitting Posture

Good vs Bad Posture



Bodyweight rests on sitting bones forming a natural lumber curve.

Good and healthy sitting posture eases load on the spine and relaxes muscles in the neck, back and shoulder area.






Improved Circulation and Joint Health

Correct Posture

An optimum angle of 135˚ between torso and thighs increases circulation.

International studies demonstrate improved blood-flow to hip and knee joints, which improves overall circulation and helps to reduce swelling and headaches.







General Health Benefits Through Correct Posture

Correct Centre of Mass

Saddles prevent slouching – to improve body functions and to feel fresh and alert.

Correct posture opens the chest cavity – to improve breathing and to remove pressure on internal organs between the hips and upper body.








Engage and Strengthen Postural Muscles All Day

Salli in Use

Sitting and moving on a Saddle Seat exercises key muscles for good health.

Gradually strengthen your back, abdomen, buttocks and leg muscles just by sitting in the correct posture, improving balance and core stability.







Improve Your Working Posture

Salli in Use 2

Achieve correct posture and stability while sitting and working.

The wide spread of the legs improves the stability and safety of an upright posture in forward-reaching tasks, crucial in the dental profession.








Improve Joint and Muscular Health

Hip and knee pain eased, with increased joint mobility.

The gentle stretching encouraged by a Salli Saddle seat has caused some with hip arthritis to report a significant decrease in hip pain and improved joint function.




Technical Info

Salli Saddle – Upholstery Options

Design your own Salli! Choose your colour combination for MultiAdjuster, SwingFit, Swing, Twin (max. 4 colours), or Classic (max. 2 colours) from 16 delicious options.

Note! The colours on the screen may not exactly match the actual colours of the leather.

Salli Two-Part Ergonomic Dental Saddle Seat - Multicoloured Seat

Leather Upholstery

Salli Saddle - Two-Part Ergonomic Dental Saddle Seat - Leather Upholstery Colours

Artificial Leather Upholstery

Salli Two-Part Ergonomic Dental Saddle Seat - Artificial Leather Upholstery Colours




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