Velopex Intra-X


 Velopex Intra-X

Dental X-Ray Imaging


High Quality Dental X-Ray Imaging for Diagnosis and Archiving

The Velopex Intra-X processes high quality images of dental x-ray film, size 0-4. The Intra-X is fully automatic, requiring no personal supervision during processing and delivers dry, developed x-ray images in 4 minutes. Use your Intra-X in daylight with its included Daylight Loader, avoiding the use of a darkroom, freeing up space in your surgery. Velopex x-ray film processors have excellent economy and efficiency, maximising chemical longevity and reducing your operating costs.


 “High Quality Dental X-Ray Imaging

Dental radiographs perfect for immediate diagnosis and archiving.

Dental x-ray film is developed and delivered dry in 4 minutes, producing extremely high x-ray imaging quality. Develop and diagnose while patient is still in the chair.


 “Process All Intra-Oral X-Ray Film Sizes
X-Ray Imaging – Size 0-4

Process x-ray films anywhere between 25 – 65mm in width and process multiple films without stopping the machine, saving you valuable time.


 “Excellent Chemical Economy and Efficiency

Automatic temperature control and minimal chemical exposure.

Optimum temperature is maintained during both operation and stand-by modes and the surface area of chemical exposed to air is limited to keep oxidisation to a minimum: both improve efficiency and conserve chemical longevity.


 “Automated and Responsive Operation

Fully automatic x-ray film processor requires no staff supervision.

Process is initiated by the insertion of film and an audible alert indicates process completion. This allows you to perform other tasks while your x-ray film(s) are developing.


 “Unique X-Ray Film Processor System

X-ray film is gently carried between permeable belts with care and precision.

Film is sandwiched between and carried by the transport belts to prevent sliding and ensure image quality, while eliminating the risk of film loss.

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