Peri-implant Mucositis

By Andrew Thorpe


The issues come and go for the last year or so. Periodontist has been managing this and the perio but a sudden flare up has come on the 21. This is a new tip that was sent by Veloplex to try on their machine for inter proximal cleaning, and I realised it would fit in this pocket.

Used with sodium bicarbonate to flush out the area. This was then flushed with Chlorhexidine, flushed again with sodium, and one last CHX intrasulcular.

4. Radiograph from around 2015.

5. This is today 20/4/2017. Loss is evident on the distal. Radiograph orientation is a bit off but tells the point. There is one from 2016 but I don’t have a digital copy. Stable since first DX in 2016 radiographically.


Andrew Thorpe, Australia