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Victor Clavijo

“Clean, protect, desensitise dentin or enhance enamel etching before adhesion

‘’Nowadays we are living in a adhesion era in dentistry, so we have to have a meticulous protocol each time that you want to bond some material. I have AquaCare Twin in my protocol because I can clean, protect, desensitise dentin or enhance enamel etching before adhesion and after providing a long lasting acceptable interface. So be clean always before adhesion.’’

Victor Clavijo, Brazil

Dr. Walter Devoto

“I’m in full control now”

“AquaCare allows me finally to sandblast or prophylaxis inside and outside the mouth, with or without water, with the exact amount of media I want to deliver. I’m in full control now of those important procedures.”

Dr. Walter Devoto, Italy , Styleitaliano

Dr. Gianfranco Politano

“Perfect Decontamination in adhesive dentistry”

“In my modest opinion, the best tool to reach a perfect decontamination in adhesive dentistry”

Dr. Gianfranco Politano, Italy. Bio-Emulation

Jason Smithson

I use AquaCare every single patient

‘’I don’t use AquaCare every day, I use AquaCare every single patient’’ 

Jason Smithson, UK

Thomas Taha

“I couldn’t do dentistry without it”

“This product was a game changer for me… ask anyone that has the Twin unit… they love it… I couldn’t do dentistry without it.
Dr. Thomas Taha, UK.

Pasquale Venuti

AquaCare is the next level in intra-oral sandblasting procedures

‘’AquaCare is the next level in intra-oral sandblasting procedures, it allows efficient procedures guaranteeing the cleanest field for the patient and the operator among all the sandblasting devices I have ever tried’’

Pasquale Venuti, Italy, Tomorrow Tooth

Video Case Studies

Courtesy of Katherine Losada –

Removal of Orthodontic Tag with NO damage for the teeth
Video Courtesy of Bhupinder Dawett, UK

Endo, Decontamination
Video Courtesy of Freddie Belliard

Abrasion Class 3 Cavity – Particle Abrasion
Video Courtesy of Grzegorz Witkowski, Poland

AquaCare Case Studies

Cleaning inner surface just before re-cementation
Video Courtesy of Engin Taviloglu, styleitaliano

Video Courtesy of Alina Munozr

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