AquaCare LabSeries

AquaAbrasion for laboratory use only (no patient contact).
Includes 2 handpieces, a 4 pack variety box of LabSeries powder cartridges,
empty bottle and disposable tips.

One thought in mind

Create ideal bonding surfaces on frameworks, attachments, abutments, copings and crowns with precision and ease using AquaCare. AquaCare units include control knobs to adjust flow volume and pressure level (up to 7 bar). The integrated liquid bottle included in the system can be filled with 99.9% isopropyl alcohol, so blasting and cleaning of frameworks, attachments, abutments, copings and crowns can be completed in one, simple step, creating the ideal bonding surface.

The precision tips on AquaCare handpieces greatly enhance precision when compared to current laboratory sandblasters.

The AquaCare Twin comes with: 2 handpieces, liquid bottle and disposable tips.

Glass Beads

Mineral glass-abrasive, for polishing of crowns and bridges, production of mastication surface on occlusal surfaces.
Blasting of secondary crowns, removal of oxidation films after the final bake.

110 Micron Aluminium Oxide

Perfect for blasting off precious and non-precious metal alloys. Also for ceramic alloy metal preparation.


Cobalt chrome, titanium, gold, ceramic and HPP surfaces can be coated with CoSiLab to form a silicatised adhesive layer which ensures
durable retention-free bonding to composites and resins. CoSiLab contains 110μm Al2O3 silica highly coated particles.



Image, Courtesy of Bill Marais, USA


Dual Arch Titanium and Pekkton, Courtesy of Phil Reddington, U.K


Surface Treatment Above Protocols, Courtesy of Robert Arvai, USA


Height: 185mm
Width: 184mm
Depth: 240mm
Weight: 3.066kg

Min. Air Supply Pressure: 5 bar / 72 psi Max.
Air Supply Pressure:
7 bar / 100 psi
Output Pressure: 0-7 bar / 100 psi;
Infinitely variable via control knob and pressure gauge.

Approved, Tested And Used Daily

“It’s taken over my lab – It’s just brilliant. It’s packaged Like a Pro… works like a Pro,
and is so simple that the science behind it is unquestionably the best bit of kit I have… I don’t know how I’ve managed without it.”

Lee Mullins,

“I use AquaCare on everything from cleaning and preparing zirconia for cementation, conditioning of my pekkton frames prior to ceramic or composite bonding
even treating my titanium frames pre-cementation or composite layering. The AquaCare has become irreplaceable for me.”

Phil Reddington,

“Surface treatment – Above Protocols”

Robert Arvai,

“The AquaCare has taken my bonding protocols to an entire new level.
When you believe in bonding and work with Pekkton one cannot take any shortcuts. AquaCare is a must for my laboratory.”

Bill Marais,