From Dentists & Key Opinion Leaders around the world

“AquaCare caused changes for the better in my daily practice, I feel more secure when preparing the pieces to bond ceramic aesthetic restorations, perform real conservative dentistry, with its selective removal system, total acceptance of the patients to remove cavities and clean in depth. Today I can’t imagine doing good quality dentistry without AquaCare” Alejandro Pineda, Lhasa Clinic, Uruguay

“… I would go one step further and say the AquaCare is an alternative to the laser for prepping teeth for cavities with no shots and no drilling.”
Dr. Doueck, US

“Working with the AquaCare as part of my daily routine gives me the confidence that my bonding is the best it can be. Often excess hand piece oil can contaminate your cavity during preparation and if not removed can seriously compromise bond strength. Prior to bonding, decontaminating the cavity with 27m alumina will help to ensure that the cavity with be clean and oil free.” Dr. Richard Field, UK.

“Adhesive dentistry is a demanding speciality that doesn’t forgive much…nevertheless the key stone of any adhesive treatment is to prepare a clean and a rough surface to bond on. For the purpose, AquaCare is the most efficient and polyvalent device I have used so far. ” Dr. David Gerdolle, Switzerland.

“AquaCare outperforms hard tissue lasers, and the objectionable mess has finally been engineered out. AquaCare represents all that minimally invasive techniques should be.” Dr. John J. Graeber, DMD MAGD MALD FICD

“Air abrasion was always a desired, but messy procedure. That means I did not use it in every case needed, because it was inconvenient. However with Aquacare, it’s so easy and clean, that I use it daily, and can hardly imagine going back to any other air abrasion unit.” Mindaugas Kudelis, Lithuania

“I wouldn’t work without AquaCare anymore. It is always ready for use; it takes only a few seconds to blow one tooth and thereby achieve a clean tooth, better bonding, fewer repairs, and more satisfied patients.”
Tandlæge Lars Kofoed, Denmark.

“Amazing technology for creating a clean surface to bond to. A must for every restorative dentist” Dr. Jonathan Levine, USA.

“When clean really needs to be clean, we default to AquaCare”
Jordi Manauta, Mexico, StyleItaliano

“AquaCare is one of the most needed and universal devices in my office. Not just another toy, but everyday tool. Hygiene, micro preparation, sand blasting. All in one.” Nazariy Mykhaylyuk, Ukraine

“Air abrasion is definitely in our armamentarium at our office and helps in creating excellence in our restorations. ” Dr. Chad Perry DDS, USA

“Nice device…just as it should be in everyday practice ;)”
Engin Taviloglu, Turkey, Styleitaliano

“AquaCare allows me finally to sandblast or prophylaxis inside and outside the mouth, with or without water, with the exact amount of media I want to deliver. I’m in full control now of those important procedures.” ; “A must have ;-)”
Dr. Walter Devoto, Italy , Styleitaliano

‘’Nowadays we are living in a adhesion era in dentistry, so we have to have a meticulous protocol each time that you want to bond some material. I have AquaCare Twin in my protocol because I can clean, protect, desensitize dentin or enhance enamel etching before adhesion and after providing a long lasting acceptable interface. So be clean always before adhesion.’’
Victor Clavijo, Brazil

‘’I don’t use AquaCare every day, I use AquaCare every single patient’’
Jason Smithson, UK

“This product was a game changer for me… ask anyone that has the Twin unit… they love it… I couldn’t do dentistry without it.” Dr. Thomas Taha, UK.

“In my modest opinion, the best tool to reach a perfect decontamination in adhesive dentistry” Dr. Gianfranco Politano, Italy. Bio-Emulation

‘’AquaCare is the next level in intraoral sandblasting procedures, it allows efficient procedures guaranteeing the cleanest field for the patient and the operator among all the sandblasting devices I have ever tried’’
Pasquale Venuti, Italy, Tomorrow Tooth

“ The AquaCare Twin is an invaluable aid in the practice of Minimally Invasive Dentistry. The precise removal of defective tooth structure is essential in conservative dentistry and very beneficial to the patient. The patient comfort is unmatched by other means and the efficiency of fluid/air abrasion is legendary.” Dr. Mark Cannon DDS MS, USA