AquaCare Twin

The Difference between just using a device or investing in a Philosophy.


Double your options

“Particle abrasion with 29µm alumina to remove
aprismatic enamel then switch to Sylc to improve bond
strengths prior to no prep direct bonding to close black
triangles which were secondary to periodontal disease.”
Jason Smithson

Or alternatively…

…not sure if that hypomineralised case can be treated by
29µm or 53µm aluminium oxide?
Then insert both and
have the flexibility to change in a second…


Daily direct no drilling just AquaCare – Pre-op fracture & hypomineralised


Daily direct no drilling just AquaCare – Cleaning with AquaCare only
Images Courtesy of Thomas Taha, UK

“Used 53µm Aluminium Oxide to remove fractured and
decayed hypomineralised tooth tissue only
without the need for drilling.”

Thomas Taha

Minimum effort, Maximum clean.

Once you set your pressure, powder and solution
– just SWITCH between your choice of powders –
no need to change these parameters.
That said, if you wish to go Sub G just reduce
the pressure …

New guidelines coming soon









Plus… Adhesive Dentistry, Bonding, Clean, Desensitising, Laboratory,  Lithium Disilicate, MI, Pekkton®, Remineralising, Restorative Dentistry,  Stain Removal, Veneers, Zirconia Oxide…
Supra or Sub Gingivally.

AquaCare Abrasion Class 3 Cavity – Particle Abrasion
Video Courtesy of Grzegorz Witkowski, Poland

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Cleaning – Removal of Orthodontic Tag with NO damage to the teeth
Video Courtesy of Bhupinder Dawett, UK

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Tested, Approved and Used Daily

by Key Opinion Leaders around the world


“AquaCare allows me finally to sandblast or prophylaxis
inside and outside the mouth, with or without water, with
the exact amount of media I want to deliver. I’m in full control now of
those important procedures.”
Walter Devoto, Styleitaliano

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