Ultra Minimally Invasive treatment for single central discoloured tooth – Onny Eryanto


A 25 years old girl came in looking for aesthetic solution for her front tooth, and I tried to do ultra minimally invasive treatment for this young lady.


Using eLAB protocol to control internal bleaching progress and using eLAB_direct to analyse tooth color and decide composite mass that suitable for this case.


Particle abrasion with 29 micron aluminium oxide used to remove some thin layer old composite mass and roughen buccal surface to get better bonding for direct composite veneer. Direct composite veneer done using Light Enamel from essentia.



1 – Initial photo

2 – Color analysis using polar_eyes for eLABor_aid direct composite and internal bleaching protocol

3 – Isolation

4 – Remove old composite with Q-Finisher bur and sandblast 29 micron AlOX, clean and roughen buccal surface using sandblast 29 micron AlOx

5 – Direct veneer composite texturing

6 – After finishing and polishing

7 – Polar_eyes photo to check color integration after 2 weeks post op

8 – Reflected photo using axis bracket after 2 weeks post op

9 – After smile photo



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