Sodium Bicarbonate

Dental Air Polishing Powder for Prophylaxis, Cleaning and Polishing

Rethink your scale and polish routine – Air Polishing before scaling can quickly remove a lot more stubborn plaque and decay than you expect, leaving only very tough calculus to remove with a scaler. You will be amazed!

AquaCare Sodium Bicarbonate provides an Air Polishing prophylaxis treatment that is highly effective in cleaning and stain removal. The superfine particle size maintains patient comfort during and after treatment.



Features of ProClean


Highly Effective Cleaning and Stain Removal

Achieve a more comfortable Air Polishing clean for your patient.

The superfine size and low angularity of the sodium bicarbonate particle results in only slight tingling along the gingiva, for a more comfortable treatment for the patient, during and after.


Rethink your Scale and Polish Routine – Polish then Scale!


Perform Air Polishing, then remove remaining calculus with scaler.

Remove stubborn plaque and soft decay while removing any residual stains, with no chance of affecting enamel or dentine.


No Dust From Air Polishing with AquaPolishing™


AquaCare Handpiece

AquaPolishing™ fluid sleeve keeps polishing powder contained to the oral cavity.

A fluid sleeve surrounds the powder from the tip of the handpiece to the treatment area, reducing mess and targeting its effectiveness.

Technical Info

Technical Info


Cartridge Weight: 60g / 2.1oz
Net Weight (4pk): 240g / 8.5oz
Pack Weight (4pk): 380g / 13.4oz
Suitable for: All Aquacut Machines
Certifications: CE, FDA

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