Sylc Powder

Dental Air Polishing Powder for Prophylaxis, Cleaning and Polishing

‘Sylc for AquaCare’ provides an Air Polishing prophylaxis treatment that reduces dental sensitivity, with immediate effect, and also encourages the remineralisation of damaged tooth material, all with a neutral taste. Powered by NovaMin®, the powder occludes exposed dentine tubules blocking nerve access to the affected areas.

Sylc is the most effective air polishing medium on the market, at ease removing both light and heavy staining. You will be amazed at how quickly you are able to clean and polish using ‘Sylc for AquaCare’!


Additional Information

Rethink your Scale and Polish Routine – Polish then Scale!

Perform Air Polishing with Sylc, then remove remaining calculus with scaler.

Remove a greater amount and more stubborn plaque than conventional cleaning powders while removing light and heavy staining.


Powered by NovaMin® – Reduce Dental Sensitivity for Patients

Occludes dentine tubules, blocking nerve access that causes sensitivity.

Air Polishing applies Sylc to the treatment area and clinical studies show that patients experience an immediate and sustained decrease in dental sensitivity.


Encourages Remineralisation of Damaged Tooth Material

Powerful bio-active material biologically bonds to mineral surface of tooth.

When in contact with water, Sylc forms Hydroxycarbonate Apatite (HCA) crystals that bond with the collagen of dentine, remineralising tooth structure.


Sylc Reduces the Time Needed to Perform Air Polishing on Every Patient

ProSylc Close Up

‘Sylc for AquaCare’ is the most effective Air Polishing method on the market.

Cleaning and prophylaxis have never been so important. Sylc allows thorough prophy and stain removal in a fraction of the time.


No Dust From Air Polishing with AquaPolishing™

AquaPolishing™ fluid sleeve keeps polishing powder contained to the oral cavity.

A fluid sleeve surrounds the powder from the tip of the handpiece to the treatment area, reducing mess and targeting its effectiveness.

Technical Info


Cartridge Weight: 40g / 1.4oz
Net Weight (4pk): 160g / 5.6oz
Pack Weight (4pk): 300g / 10.6oz
Suitable for: All Aquacut Machines
Certifications: CE, FDA


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