Velopex LP400

Slimline X-Ray Film Viewer for Intra-Oral and Panoral Film Size




This flat-screen viewer offers a generous viewing area for intra-oral and panoral dental x-ray films.
With its ultra-slim profile, it is ideal for wall mounting or free standing use, flat or tilted on props.
The robustly constructed LP100 has twin fluorescent lamps for efficient illumination.

Technical Info


Height: 370mm / 14.6″
Width: 275mm / 10.8″
Depth: 25mm / 1″
Viewing Area: 305 x 203mm / 12 x 8″
Power Supply: AC Adapter Only, 12V 1A
Fluorescent Tubes: CCFL. 2: ø2.6 x 135mm lamps
Case Construction: Smart, charcoal grey plastic


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